Make Your Concrete Floors Shine

Make Your Concrete Floors Shine

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Concrete floors are mostly used in high-traffic areas, like garages, warehouses and offices buildings. With all that wear and tear, it's no wonder your floors look scuffed and dull.

Breathe new life into your concrete flooring with help from Blacktip Flooring Solutions. We offer dry-grind concrete polishing services in the Carroll, OH area. Unlike wet-grind polishing, dry grinding can be done in small rooms and tight corners, thanks to our hand-held machines.

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Blacktip Flooring Solutions has years of experience with dry-grind concrete polishing and can guarantee a shiny finish. Our equipment meets all OSHA regulations, so we can provide services in all types of commercial buildings. We strive to keep dust to a minimum by keeping our areas clean and presentable.

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